From the research conducted by the team, it is no doubt that the tigsik literature has weakened.  With the intention to sustain the goal of tigsik enthusiast in the Region, the team decided to come up with an action plan that will be of help to not only enrich the tigsik but also uphold it.

Included in the action plan is the intention of the team to collaborate  with the Bikolano writers and other concerned agencies to come up with more online forum on tigsik which will be opened to all tigsik enthusiasts and Bikolanos all over the world.

For the time being, the team offers the following recommendations:

      1.   That we call upon the DepEd Bikol with firm intent to require elementary and high schools, at least for public schools, implement localization of instructions. Localization will have teachers make use of local history, culture and language in their instructions. Not necessarily to change the curriculum, but to integrate local materials in the instructions is what localization intends to target.


If this is made possible, Bikol culture will possibly flourish. Eventually, tigsik can be a popular material to support instructions. Such use of tigsik will lead to reviving it and restoring Bikol culture in the long run.


     2.   That we initiate the organization of on-line writers of tigsik and encourage internet users to join. Establishing it in the cyber space is an incredible step toward promotion of tigsik. With collaboration from the teachers implementing localization, tigsik must have been a common but popular source of research and interactive writing activities. [What a golden time for tigsik!]


     3.   That we fervently make linkage to LGUs specially Naga City for technical assistance for facilitating seminars and trainings, to National Commission for Culture and Arts for grant assistance for writing exposures, and to DTI specially for Chamber of Commerce for proliferation of products promoting tigsik lilke statement T-shirts.


Such linkage when fully established can equally establish the place of tigsik and eventually the Bikol culture in the Philippine culture and in every one’s culture.


     4.    But at the minimum, we ask the administration and faculty of NCSHS to implement localization in school with emphasis on tigsik. Nothing may be better than people starting a mission in their own backyard.
















Persons Involved



November 2009


Series of Lecture-Seminar on Tigsik Writing (Elementary)

Part I



Naga City Science High School Students , experts in TIGSIK, DPSA TEAM



NCSHS campus

December 2009


Series of Lecture-Seminar on Tigsik Writing (Secondary)

Part II



Filipino Teachers of Naga City Division , experts in TIGSIK, DPSA TEAM



Naga City Division

January  2010


Series of Lecture-Seminar on Tigsik Writing (Tertiary)

Part III



High School Students of Naga City , experts in TIGSIK, DPSA TEAM





February 2010


Series of Lecture-Seminar on Tigsik  Writing in School Publications

Part IV



Campus Journalists, School Paper Advisers, DPSA Team


Naga City Division


February 2010


TIGSIK Literary Contest as part of Naga City Cultural Night


Income Generating Project (T-shirt printing)



All secondary schools in Naga City, DPSA TEAM





Plaza Quezon






March 2010




Promote/Post /Showcase  TIGSIK in the Internet




ICT Teachers, Filipino Teachers, DPSA TEAM



Respective schools/Division



April 2010


Submit a proposal to DepED thru channels   introducing  Tigsik  as part of the activities of Buwan ng Wika  in the entire division.



DPSA TEAM , Division Superintendent


Naga City Division Office

May  2010


Initiate “Tirigsikan” contest during barangay fiestas


Barangay Youth Officials



Barangay centers









































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